Avoid Conflict By Establishing Paternity Legally

Hire a skilled family law attorney in Plano, TX area

Family is complicated, and naming a child's legal parents isn't always straightforward. Fortunately, you can take the necessary legal steps for establishing paternity and help put an end to arguments and disputes.

The Law Office of James Giries helps both mothers and fathers establish paternity for reasons like setting up child support and child custody. As an experienced child support attorney, I can help create legal boundaries and guidelines that will protect your child's future. Get the legal assistance you need in Plano, TX or the Collin County area by contacting my office today.

Reasons you might want to establish paternity

There's more to being the legal father of a child than just the title. Establishing paternity will help you...

  • Enforce a child support arrangement to help provide for your child's needs
  • Argue for your right as a parent to spend time with your child
  • Include your child on benefits like health and life insurance or inheritance

No matter what situation you're in, I'll always work to protect your child's best interests. Discuss your case with a child support attorney when you call me at 972-905-4570.