Don't Settle for an Unfavorable Child Custody Arrangement

Protect your rights with a child custody attorney in Plano, TX

Maybe your child custody agreement made sense when you first got divorced. But plans and lives change, and now you want to modify your custody agreement. You can turn to The Law Office of James Giries when you want to change your situation.

I represent clients in Collin County and the Plano, TX area and will help you enforce your parental rights. I'll work with you to make the changes you want, whether you're trying to increase the amount of time you spend with your child or need to change your location arrangements.

Speak with an experienced child custody attorney by calling my office today.

Why you should hire an attorney

Unfortunately, it's not always easy to modify your custody agreement. If your ex disputes the change, you'll want a skilled child custody attorney on your side to argue your case. I can help by...

  • Negotiating with the other party to help keep your case out of court
  • Helping to create a fair arrangement that works for both parents
  • Litigating your case in court if an agreement can't be reached

Increase your chance of receiving a favorable child custody arrangement by contacting me today.